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The Keras MTA realises Atmizone’s multi-purpose tank atomiser concept: high-end RTA and top quality vape tank for factory coils, two in one.

The Keras has been conceived to fulfil the combined needs of those vapers, who want somehow to easily switch between sustainable factory coils and rebuildable deck.

With the rebuildable deck installed, the Keras is a top-notch quality RTA. It features a high-quality deck with a decent building space of about 10.50mm (diameter), designed to allow usual, horizontal type custom single builts, for consistent vapour volume,powerful flavour reproduction and hard hit.

The deck can easily be removed as an one-part assembly, and be replaced by an Aspire Atlantis/Triton or Vaporesso Target cCell factory coil, this way transforming the Keras into a vape tank for factory coils in just an instant.

The Keras Giga REV is the revised edition of the bigger sibling, which goes one step further: more compact size, less weight, also switching much easier from Nano to Giga REV and vice-versa, without sacrificing capacity.

The Keras is a top quality versatile tank, mainly for MTL (mouth-to-lung), that can also do the job for STL (straight-to-lung) hits. Suitable for a wide resistance range (sub-ohm up to higher res), temp control setups or any other wire setup, factory coils or custom builds.



  • Available in two versions of different size and capacity, Giga REV and Nano, also with the option to switch easily from Giga REV to Nano mode and vice-versa
  • You can go from Nano to Giga REV using this transformation kit. You can go from Giga REV to Nano, by only installing the Nano Tank Body.
  • The Nano Top Cap is now common between the two versions  – Nano and Giga REV share the same top cap.
  • High-quality rebuildable deck with a decent building space of about 10.50mm (diameter), for classic, horizontal type custom single builds.
  • Removable rebuildable deck section, switching from RBA to factory coils tank (Triton/Atlantis or Vaporesso target cell coils.)
  • Amazingly accurate air flow control ring:- for MTL (mouth-to-lung) in RBA mode (air adjusting from zero up to a max of D2.00mm – internal airflow tube diameter),
    – but also for STL (straight-to-lung) hits with a range of factory coils.
  • One-piece deck positive pole for RTA mode, gold plated self-adjusting positive pole for factory coils mode, to minimise voltage drop and peak performance for TC setups.
  • Easy top refill mechanism, by unscrewing top cap.


Giga REV version

  • Diameter: 22.0mm
  • Length: 47.0mm (drip tip and male pole not incl.)
  • Weight: ~69g
  • Capacity: 3.8ml(rebuildable deck installed)/ 4.0ml(factory coil installed)

Nano version

  • Diameter: 22.0mm
  • Length: 35.0mm(Borosilicate tank installed) / 34.50mm(PMMA tank installed) – (drip tip and male pole not incl.)
  • Weight: ~57g
  • Capacity: 2.0ml(rebuildable deck installed)/ 2.1ml(factory coil installed)

Both versions

  • Robust, lightweight stainless-steel construction, 316 food-grade SS outer parts, 316 food-grade SS rebuildable deck parts, PEEK thermoplastic polymer electric insulators.
  • Two Tank Body types: preinstalled Tank made of PMMA Glass approved for medical use, extra Borosilicate Glass Tank with fused ends also in the box.
What's more...

What's more...

Getting Started

Before using your Keras for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you take a good look at the support section, with tons of useful info about the Keras, including detailed introduction, rebuilding guides, assembly/disassembly guides, useful tips etc.

Warranty and Support

The Keras comes with a fair and generous warranty, which covers all manufacturing defects.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Keras Giga REV

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I paired the Keras Giga Rev with the Lab 35 HP edition and couldn’t be happier. Performance is great, and building is easy. This top fills and has adjustable air flow. The aesthetics match perfectly with the Lab. Truly a high quality piece of vapeware.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have it for two weeks now and all I can say is that this is an excellent high end RTA.
    Building is super easy and the performance, flavor, stability is just amazing. Not to mention that it is very very beautiful.
    Also going from Giga REV to Nano is extremely easy.
    An other thing for the company in general is that the support they provide is top level by far.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    perfect MTL RTA got recommendation from Qorax Stan and it was a great tip
    – constant vape quality
    – no leaking
    – no dry throat when using keras
    – great smooth flavour
    – easy to build
    – no dry hits even at high vg in my case tested with 35/65 pg/vg
    – nice capacity
    – little gurgling after filling

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    At last – an MTL tank that is stylish and smooth! Love the Keras Giga – I’ve been through so many RTAs – Rose v3, Squape, Kayfun etc etc – but this one is spot on. Easy to build. A tad fussy wicking – not too much cotton…but not too little – but perfect when you get it right. Still have a little leaking when refilling, but it’s nothing to complain about. My go to tank now. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks Atmizoo ??

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