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Keras Nano-to-Giga REV transformation kit.


  • One main tank unit, made of medical approved PMMA acrylic glass or Borosilicate Glass with fused ends.
  • One Giga REV Inner Tube, made of 316 foodgrade Stainless Steel.

The Kit is compatible with all previous Keras Nano batches.



This Kit helps you turn your Keras Nano into a Keras Giga REV. You just remove the Nano Tank Body and add the Giga REV Inner Tube plus the Giga Tank Body, both included in this Kit.
Compared to the initial Giga version:

  • There is no need for extra Seal part, as the REV Inner Tube, is both an extension and a structural/supportive part for the Tank Body.
  • There is no need for different Giga Top Cap. Keras Giga REV and Nano now have the same universal Top Cap (Nano type).

This allows easier refill and more compact size for the Giga REV version, also making the transformation from Nano to Giga – and vice versa –  a piece of cake.
Check out the following video to see how the Keras Nano turns into a Keras Giga REV.



What's more...

What's more...

Getting Started

Before using the Kit for the first time, it is strongly recommended that you take a good look at the support section, with tons of useful info about the Keras.

Warranty and Support

This Kit comes with a fair and generous warranty, which covers all manufacturing defects.

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